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Nova Scotia History Documentary 1080p

nova scotia history documentary 1080p


Nova Scotia History Documentary 1080p -

















































Nova Scotia History Documentary 1080p



A shameful moment for Halifax Council, as it met behind closed doors and voted to evict protesters who had earlier vacated the Grand Parade to make room forRemembrance Day ceremoniesSunday, 9 April 2017 Home Categories Poverty Racism Labour Inclusion Arts Environment Weekend Video Donations About / Contact Inclusion Weekend Video Weekend video: The eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia By RobertDevet - April 1, 2017 153 0 Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin Pinterest Email KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) This weekend we are going down memory lane with a short documentary about the forceful eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia from Victoria Park inNovember 2011If you can, please support the Nova Scotia Advocate so that it can continue to cover issues such as poverty, racism, exclusion, workers rights and the environment in Nova Scotia.Also, quite a few vaguely familiar people in this video, younger versionsof people I have gotten to know since I started reporting for the Halifax Media Co-op and now the Advocate Copyright 2016 Nova Scotia Advocate Hosted by Boom12 I spot lots of Labour folksNotify me of new posts by email


The documentary was written, filmed and produced by Nicolas James and Bill McEwenWe rely entirely on occasional one-time donors and a group of 25 or so dedicated monthly sustainersA pay wall is not an option for us, since it would exclude many readers who dont have any disposable income at allTags: #Halifax Regional Police #History of activism #Occupy Nova Scotia Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin Pinterest Email Previous Post Social assistance dispute may close Lower Sackville safe place for LGBTQIA+ youth Next Post Op-ed: Help end exploitative phone charges in Nova Scotia provincial jails Post Comment Cancel reply Comment Name * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email




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